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Gyeon Glass cleans your glass while leaving a streak free shine!

Contamination naturally accumulates on both the interior and exterior glass quickly. Dirt and grime can stick to the micro pores of your glass almost instantaneously and once it bonds to the glass, this contamination can be a pain to remove. It can also cause light to fragment, which can cause dangerous driving conditions. The quality cleaning agents in Gyeon Glass glass cleaner will encapsulate nasty dirt and grime buildup and lubricate the surface, allowing you to safely and easily remove contamination.

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- Highly effective, streak free glass cleaner.
- Encapsulates dirt and grime for safe removal.
- Do not apply in direct sunlight or on hot glass, otherwise streaking may occur.

500 mL bottle with spray top.

For best results apply lightly, out of the sun, and only on glass surfaces that are cool to the touch. Mist evenly over surface and wipe clean with consistent pressure from a clean towel. Gyeon Glass will not affect previously applied rain repellents, making it a great maintenance cleaner.

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