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Sheepskin Wash Mitt

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Most swirls are added during the washing process so it is very important to have a high quality washing tool. Generic mitts and sponges are often not soft and plush enough to safely clean your entire vehicle. The extremely soft collection of natural, paint-safe fibers makes this a premium wash mitt for top quality detailing work. 

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- All natural fibers makes it one of the safest wash mitts on the market.
- The natural fibers help pull contamination away from the surface without harming even the most delicate finishes.
- When done rinse any contamination away using free flowing water than hang dry with leather loop.
- Can be used with any shampoo or rinseless wash.

Thumbless wash mitt. Machine or hand wash with cold water and dye-free detergent. Do not bleach or use fragrance or fabric softeners. Hang to air dry.

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