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GYEON Q²M VinylCleaner

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GYEON VinylCleaner allows you to lightly clean your trim with ease.

Q²M VinylCleaner is a gentle plastic and interior maintenance cleaner formulated for regular use. It will not discolor or fade interior trim. This car vinyl cleaner removes dust and light dirt spots in a flash, leaving no residue behind. Q²M VinylCleaner has light anti-static properties, making it a great everyday addition to your detailing kit.

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- Gently clean dirt and grime from various trim pieces.
- Can be applied to interior and exterior trim.
- Anti-static properties help repel future dust buildup.
- Leaves behind no reside, making it a great product to use before a dressing.

500 mL bottle.

Spray on short-haired microfiber. Wipe the surface, then wipe dry with another side of the fiber if needed. Agitate with a brush and let dwell on rubber or exterior trim to enhance the cleaning power. Keep out of reach of children.

Q²M VinylCleaner also proves to be a perfect everyday maintenance product for interior trim, leaving a matte and factory fresh look.

Consumption: 100ml/car
ph: Neutral

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