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Size 500 mL

Q²M Tar is a highly effective and safe tar remover that can be used on all exterior surfaces. It will break down road tar or tire rubber from a track day easily, and is also a fantastic adhesive remover. Most contamination is simply dissolved, which allows you to obtain a smooth finish in nearly no time.

- Safely remove stubborn tar quickly.
- pH neutral and safe on virtually all exterior surfaces.
- Prevents clay marring.
- Easy application...just spray and rinse!

Spray onto surface. Work panel by panel, avoid the product drying out. Once finished, rinse and wash the panel Tar was used on thoroughly. If you have any extra stubborn tar build ups, perform a second application and/or agitate the tar with a wash mitt or a clay bar. Wash vehicle after tar removal completion.

The Q²M Tar is not only a tar remover, but it dissolves organic contaminant or glue effectively.

Consumption: 100ml/car
pH Neutral

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