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GYEON Q²M LeatherSet Mild

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Q²M LeatherCleaner Mild is the perfect solution for regular maintenance and pre-coating preparation of leather upholstery. It does not contain any softening additives and does not leave any residue that could potentially interfere with a quality quartz coating. Q²M LeatherCleaner Mild leaves a fully matte finish and is suitable for all modern types of leather. It might be used also on coated leather, not removing the coating and gently cleansing the surface. 

Q²M LeatherCoat ensures a long lasting protective effect and makes future maintenance easier. This leather coating ensures a high level of protection as the coating itself is hydrophobic and repels both liquids and dirt.

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- A complete solution for leather maintenance and protection.
- Includes everything you need to clean and coat your leather surfaces.
- Includes a unique foamer for LeatherCleaner Mild.
- Top quality and easy to use.

This set includes the following:
- 1 x Q2M LeatherBrush
- 1 x Q2M Microfiber Applicator
- 1 x Microfiber Towel
- 1 x 200mL Q2M LeatherCleaner Mild
- 1 x 120 mL Q2M LeatherCoat

Don’t be afraid to use water along with the Q²M LeatherCleaner Mild foam. This will help you distribute the product and create more foam. The attached Q²M LeatherBrush will agitate the cleaner and remove dirt from the structure of the material.

Spray a small amount of Q² LeatherCoat onto a high-quality microfiber towel and work into a clean leather surface.

Always use multiple microfiber towels. Wipe the leather with a damp towel once cleaning is done.

One set may cover 2-3 vehicles.

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