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Q² PURE EVO utilizes the maximum percentage of silica possible in a ceramic coating. Expect pure candy gloss, intense water beading, and great chemical resistance. This ceramic gloss coating is applied in a thick single layer that looks amazing and will provide long-term durability and protection from environmental impact.

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- Incredibly easy to apply coating.
- EVO technology improves durability and application.
- Extreme gloss and hydrophobic properties.

Apply the product in a cross hatched pattern and in small sections. Wipe off with either the Q²M SoftWipe or Q²M PolishWipe.

For advanced users, half of the car can be coated before wiping off. There is very little difference in removal feel from 30 seconds after application to 10 mins after application. If your install style is large areas with longer removal windows, this is the GYEON coating for you.

Box Contains:
- 30mL Q² Pure EVO
- Q²M Coating Applicator
- Instruction Manual
- Mini Maintenance Booklet
- #GYEONIZED Sticker

Consumption: 25-30ml/car
pH Tolerance: 2-11
Durability: up to 36 months / 40kkm

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