GYEON Q2 Leather Shield Interior Ceramic Coating for Leather Upholstery

GYEON Q² Leather Shield

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Q² LeatherShield leads the category in terms of leather protection. This is a true SiO2 based leather ceramic coating that's unique in its single layer application. Protect your interior leather upholstery from dirt, spills, UV, oils, and grime. It leaves a healthy satin finish and will not alter the look of your leather.

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- Advanced coating specifically designed for leather.
- Repels dirt and spills.
- Prevents dye transfer and discoloration.
- Leaves a natural satin finish.

120 mL bottle.

Apply product to one panel at a time and ensure even coverage. Do not wipe off. If you see the product drying unevenly, level the product without adding any more liquid. Check after 20 minutes, if necessary - wipe.

Consumption: 40 mL/car.
pH tolerance: pH 2-11.
Durability: 12 months / 20k km.

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