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Gyeon Cure is a hydrophobic spray-on sealant that will help extend the life of your existing coating layer.

Gyeon Cure is an easy to use product that will add a bit more "pop" to the paint, without sacrificing valuable time. Cure can be used after washing, when the car is wet or dry. With just a few sprays per panel, Cure will refresh the coating underneath and add extra gloss, along with extending the durability of the protection layer. This will in turn help keep the surface cleaner for longer and protect against dreaded water spots.

With regular use, Cure will help keep your coating looking its best and lasting as long as possible.

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- Hydrophobic spray sealant designed to extend coating life.
- Easy to apply and looks fantastic.
- Helps extend the life of existing coating layers.
- Anti-static properties help keep surface cleaner, longer.

400 mL bottle.

Hydrophobic spray sealant. Use wet or dry. Ultimate maintenance product for any quartz coating. Up to 8 weeks paint protection.

Shake well before use. Only use on a clean surface. Spray on a single panel at a time and wipe off with a microfiber towel.

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