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GYEON Ceramic Detailer

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Item Quick Facts

  • Remove light contamination safely and easily!
  • Safe on coated or non coated surfaces
  • Adds gloss and hydrophobic properties

Use & Specifications

All-surface ceramic spray detailer. Adds depth & slickness. Spray onto a microfiber and wipe a panel at a time till a streak free finish. Wet/ Dry use possible, also as a stand alone product. Keep out of reach of children.


The Gyeon Ceramic Detailer will allow you to lightly clean and then further enhance your ceramic coating with one simple step! When you have some dust or light contamination on the surface, there may not be a need to perform a complete wash. Instead, reach for the Gyeon Ceramic Detailer so you can quickly clean and enhance the shine and protection. With only a few sprays, this formula will help lift light contamination, allowing you to easily wipe them away with a clean microfiber towel. At the same time Ceramic Detailer will increase slickness, gloss and help enhance hydrophobic properties so you have that freshly coated look again. This formula is safe for use on a coated vehicle, but it can be used on various exterior surfaces, coated or not. So spray it directly on your paint or coated surface and be amazed at the shine it reveals!

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