Urban Werks Foam Cannon For Car Wash Pressure Washer Foam Shampoo

Urban Werks Foam Cannon

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The Foam Cannon will allow you to spray a layer of foamy shampoo on your vehicle's exterior when attached to your pressure washer.

This Foam Lance features an adjustable intake, so you can increase or decrease the amount of foam created. Several spray patterns are available to meet your needs. With a simple twist of the nozzle you can go from a 0 degree jet to a 50 degree fan pattern.

You can use this Foam Lance with virtually any pressure washer that is between 700 to 3000 PSI.

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- Spray tons of suds all over your exterior quickly and easily.
- Pre-soaking the paint helps make washing safer and more effective.
- Can be used with most pressure washers from 700 - 3000 PSI.
- Adjustable nozzle for various spray patterns.

Pour any shampoo in the reservoir, connect to a pressure washer, and start spraying foam on the exterior.

Features an adjustable intake to increase or decrease amount of foam. Adjustable spray patterns from 0 degrees to 50 degree fan.

Use with a pressure washer between 700 to 3000 PSI.

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