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GYEON Q² QuickView

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Keep your windshield crystal clear! Q² QuickView glass and windshield coating delivers intense hydrophobic properties and repellency with a simple and fast application. A coated windshield will offer better visibility in poor weather driving and make regular cleaning of the glass fast and simple.

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- Fast and effective windshield coating.
- Simple one-step application.
- Increase visibility in poor driving weather.
- Makes keeping your glass clean a breeze.

Make sure the glass surface is free of any contaminants. To ensure maximum bonding, we recommend decontaminating the surface using Q²M Clay Mild or Coarse, then wipe the glass with Q²M Prep before the application of Q² QuickView.

Apply in a circular motion, section by section to ensure even application. Let it dry for at least 20 minutes and wipe with a clean, damp towel.

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