GYEON PPF Wash Shampoo for Paint Protection Film Shampoo For Clear Bra


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Q2M PPF Wash is safe on all exterior finishes of your vehicle. While it is designed to decontaminate PPF, it is a fantastic car wash soap for the entire car. Q2M PPF Wash contains thick suds and is highly lubricated to help reduce marring over paint.

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- Decontamination shampoo for Paint Protection Film.
- Removes environmental contamination and iron deposits.
- Produces thick suds and a slick wash.
- Safe on all exterior surfaces.

400mL bottle with pump top.

With the ability to seriously decontaminate, use Q²M PPF Wash as a foam pre-soak on the entire exterior of the car as well as the wheels. 1:500 concentration. Safe for coatings.

Consumption: 20-30mL per vehicle.

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