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GYEON Q²M Compound+

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Q²M Compound+ is a heavy cutting polish compound paste that delivers an improved level of scratch removal and high abrasion with a low level of dust and limited secondary defects. Although it does leave light holograms, they are simple to remove with one pass of GYEON Q²M Polish.

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- Removes heavy imperfections safely and easily.
- Easy to use low dusting formula.
- Water based and does not contain any fillers.
- Follow up with GYEON Polish.

120mL bottle.

Work with a polishing machine of your choice. Spread at low revs. Work until fully diminished at medium revs. Wipe off with a HQ microfiber. Use a 1:1 dilution of IPA to remove the remaining product and inspect the effect. If needed, reuse. Keep out of reach of children.

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