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PremiumShield Elite NexGen (24" Wide) Film by the Foot

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Size 24" x 12" (2 sq. ft.)

This listing is for 24" wide PremiumShield® Elite NexGen paint protection film by the foot.

PremiumShield® Elite NexGen lives up to its name. With a stiffer entry-level topcoat, this film provides robust protection to a vehicle’s paint, whilst also safeguarding against staining from environmental elements.

With PremiumShield® Elite NexGen you can feel safe knowing your paint is protected without compromising on quality.

  •  Self-healing technology
  •  Lifetime guarantee
  •  195 microns thick
  •  Ultra-smooth and high gloss top layer
  •  Elasticity up to 435%
  •  Heals under direct heat application
  •  Scratch, impact and stone chip resistant

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By combining a new, clear top layer with a proven aliphatic polyurethane resin, PremiumShield® Elite NexGen is the ideal protective film for any surface. Its superior stain resistance makes it a ‘must have’ for white cars. PremiumShield® has already achieved OEM status and is factory mounted on vehicles around the world. However not only cars benefit from the optimal protection that PremiumShield® offers. Every day cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and other vehicles worldwide are provided with this high-quality invisible protective layer.

Kits must be installed using correct slip and tack solutions.

Do not install on freshly painted surfaces. Wait 90 days at a minimum before installing any film.

Install at your own risk. Urban Werks is not liable for any damages sustained before, during, and after installation.

Type: Polyurethane
Color and Surface: High gloss
Thickness: 195 microns (8 mil)
Elongation - percent (ASTM D882): 400%
Peel (PSTC-101) 3D/RT/SS: 705Nm/25mm
Shear (PSTC-101): Avg. 257 mins./4:28 hour
Gravelometer (SAEJ4000): Pass (no ruptures)
Outdoor Weathering - 24 months: Pass (no changes) Arizona 45° South Exposure (range 35°-°F)
Chemical Resistance: Pass (no effect) Isopropanol/water 1:1 Carburettor cleaner (brushing test)

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