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GYEON Q²M Smoothie

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The Gyeon Smoothie wash mitt is an extremely soft wash mitt designed to help you safely clean the surface of your vehicle.

The majority of imperfections we see in paint come from improper washing and drying techniques and products. Even if you have the correct technique, choosing the wrong tools can leave you with ugly imperfections in the paint, requiring expensive polishing to remove.

The Gyeon Smoothie wash mitt is composed of thousands of small and soft microfiber stands. Each one of these strands allows you to hold a great deal of soapy suds, which encapsulate dirt and grime and lubricates the surface. Once encapsulated, the strands in Smoothie will trap the dirt and grime, allowing you to remove contamination quickly and easily.

The bottom of the mitt features a soft elastic cuff to sit comfortably on your wrist so you can wash without the mitt moving around. While extremely soft, this mitt is built to last and works great on lightly or heavily soiled vehicles.

- Reduce the risk of washing induced marring with this mitt.
- Thousands of soft fibers trap dirt and grime for easy removal.
- Elastic cuff helps mitt stay in place during the wash process.
- Works great with the Gyeon Bathe shampoo.

Use with your favorite, high quality detailing soap. We recommend GYEON Bathe or Bathe+. Wash vehicle with even, steady motions and rinse thoroughly.

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