Gyeon Bathe Essence - 400ml

Gyeon Bathe Essence - 400ml

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  • Quickly clean dirt and grime from your paint!
  • Ultra concentrated (1:2000)
  • Leaves behind a crisp clean look
  • Only 5 - 10 ml needed per wash



The Gyeon Bathe Essence is a super concentrated shampoo that will help you remove nasty dirt and grime with ease. No one likes a dirty car and the key to removing dirt, dust, bugs, and other road grime starts with a high-quality shampoo. Bathe Essence is a high foaming, super concentrated formula that feels incredibly slick. Just a small capful will provide you with a great deal of foam and more importantly, lubricity. This lubricity will help encapsulate dirt and grime, allowing you to safely glide a wash mitt over the surface. Bathe Essence is concentrated at a 1:2000 level (5-10ml per wash), so you will receive many washes out of one bottle! After washing, Essence will help revive any existing protection already on the paint, especially coatings. Therefore you can expect any wax, sealant or coating to look and perform better after washing. You'll notice a fresh gloss after the wash that makes this truly an impressive shampoo. If you want a premium shampoo that really stands out from others pick up the Gyeon Bathe Essence!

Pump Sprayer: The included pump will dispense 2ml per pump so you know exactly how much you are using. Usually, two pumps (4ml) with 4 Gallons of water makes for a great wash solution. The extra long tube at the bottom of the pump coils around the bottom of the bottle and helps ensure you get every last drop out! If the tube seems too long for your preference you can simply trim it with scissors.