What is Clear Bra or PPF?

What is Clear Bra, Paint Protection Film, PPF?

You've probably heard these terms if you've looked into detailing services and automotive paint protection. Clear Bra, Paint Protection Film, and PPF are terms that can be used interchangeably.

But what is PPF?

Paint Protection Film is a polyurethane film that gets applied to the vehicle's paintwork to protect it. The number one reason our clients choose PPF is to protect their paintwork from stone chips, scratches, sandblasting, and abrasions.

Currently, PPF is the ONLY product on the market that provides a high level of protection against scratches, road debris, bug etchings, bird droppings, sap, salt & sand blasting. It is a truly amazing form of protection for any surface it’s applied to.

What's the best part about our Paint Protection Film? Each installation is backed by a 10 year warranty so you can ensure your investment is protected for years to come.

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